Problems of hydraulic oil pump

Problems of hydraulic oil pump

1. Failure to rotate the shaft of the motor mounted on the hydraulic system results in hydraulic oil pumps (gear pumps, plunger pumps, vane pumps, variable vane pumps,
Quantitative vane pump, double vane pump, internal gear pump, external gear pump) do not work. The possible reason why the motor shaft does not rotate is that the motor does not
Problems with the electrical wiring components of the power or hydraulic systems. Therefore, we should start from the electrical circuit to find out and eliminate the existing problems.
The motor is heating and tripping. This situation pit can be hydraulic system design will overflow valve pressure design too high, thus hydraulic
The pressure of overflow valve must be considered when designing the hydraulic system. It may also be the driving power of the motor of the hydraulic system
Insufficient, therefore the hydraulic system design USES the power a little bit bigger motor; May also be the hydraulic oil pump outlet one-way valve reversal or spool card
Dead hydraulic pump is out of oil, if this is the reason, then the one-way valve can be replaced; Maybe the motor broke down. This one didn't
What other way to repair or replace.
Hydraulic oil pump (gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump, variable vane pump, quantitative vane pump, duplex vane pump, inner gear pump, outer tooth
Wheel pump) pump shaft or motor shaft without connection keys. The cause is either a broken connection to a hydraulic pump or motor or something like that
Forgot to install the connection key when installing the oil pump and motor. You can replace or replace the connection key on the hydraulic pump or motor.
The above:The development prospect of hydraulic high pressure gear pump is bright

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